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St. Lawrence Roofing

The Roofing Division of TKGC

St. Lawrence Roofing (SLR) is your go-to company in Brockville, when you need highly competent roofing professionals to work on your roof repair and installation needs. We deliver high-quality service and products for our clients.

Our company was growing, and there was a boom in the roofing trade. Tom saw this as an opportunity, so he opened a department solely for providing roofing solutions. At SLR, we offer the same dedication and expertise as TKGC. The only difference is that we exclusively deal with all things roofing.

What We Can Do

  • Roofing Services

  • Shingle Repair

  • Roof Patching

  • Reshingling

  • Roof Installation

  • Laminated Shingles

  • Designer Metal Shingles

Mainly working with BP products and laminated asphalt, we can handle all types of roofing.

Click here to learn more about BP products, including options for shingles and roofing.

A BP Certified Roofer

We pride ourselves on meeting the strict criteria of Building Products of Canada Corp.’s BP Certified Roofer Program. This program only accepts residential roofing contractors that have a reputation for quality, integrity, and workmanship.

As a BP Certified Roofer, we closely follow all practices and guidelines provided in the program. With the installation of your BP Shingles, we are pleased to offer you the extended BP Warranty. Reach out to us if you wish to learn about the extended warranty.